How do you come across online?

The importance of great photography in business. “Whatever you sell, think about how you come across to customers. If you look cheap, people will ask, “HOW MUCH?” If you exude quality you attract people who value quality and willing to pay for it.”

If you decide to check out the hundreds of websites offering quality stock photography, remember to avoid the cliches; man shaking hands with another, women on a laptop that’s about 10 years old trying to look interested in the screen, non descriptive people in suits high fiving, pen on desk, telephone on desk etc…

However please consider that In just one of the royalty free stock sites they have over 2 Billion Monthly Image Views and 10 Million Monthly Visits. That’s a lot of people, companies your competitors viewing and possibly using the same images that you intend to use.

So how can you avoid that, create UGC (user generated content) and stand out from the stock crowd?

Well, you’ll have set aside a decent budget for a commercial photographer to take real life pictures of your team, your products and any bespoke stock that no one else will have.

One of the greatest benefits of custom photography is that it presents you with the opportunity to show visitors something they have never seen before. When potential customers visit your site for the first time, their immediate reaction should be “WOW.” One sure-fire way to do that is with original photography that immediately shows them something they have never seen before, especially not at your competitions’ websites. After all websites with UGC images get a whopping 94% more total views than content without.

So pictures are important, but pictures of you and your business are essential, so think about it and then pay for them, it’s more than a cost it’s an asset to your business.

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