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I'm ready to teach you the 6-steps I took to successfully launch my professional photography business.

Time To Get Serious...

Right now, you're a hobbyist. Perhaps you work weekends and take photos for family and friends.
But you're ready to get serious and turn your love of photography into a career.
You're committed to making your dream a reality.
You know this won't be a 9-5 job! It’s hard work but it’s worth it to have a flexible, profitable business doing what you love!

You Just Need A Little Help Making It Happen!

Because You've Got A Lot Of Questions:

  • What genre should I choose to work in?
  • How much should I charge?
  • Where will I find customers?
  • What should I call my business?
  • What equipment will I need?
  • How can I succeed with so much competition?
And most pressing of all:
Can I really make money as a photographer?

The Answer Is Yes You Can! And I'm Ready To Show You How...

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I'm a professional commercial photographer, and your Business of Photography Coach.
In 2013, when my son Arthur arrived, my priorities changed. I no longer wanted to commute to London daily. I wanted autonomy, creativity and the flexibility to work around my family and friends.
Perhaps you can relate?
I understand how scary it can feel to take the leap and become a full time, professional photographer. That's why I created The Business of Photography Course.
Inside I'll teach you the same 6-step process I used when I started my fully paid, full time photography business.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Photography Business

Whatever genre you want to work in, the tools inside this self-paced course will guide you through the key decisions you need to make to ensure you build a sustainable, profitable photography business.
Plus your comprehensive accompanying workbook will keep you accountable as you execute your plans!
Follow the modules and do the work and you'll be ready to launch your photography business with confidence by the end of the course!

What's Covered On The Course?

Frequently Asked Questions

Module 1: Your Business & Brand
You'll create your killer brand, impacting what people see, hear and feel about your business, and draft a mission statement so you're 100% clear on your direction. I'll show you how to produce a SWOT analysis to understand your market.
Module 2: Your Ideal Client
You'll identify your target market and what they like, want and need. Plus, you'll understand exactly what problem you solve for people and who you need to sell to.
Module 3: Communication & Onboarding
You'll learn how to talk to your ideal clients and where to find them. Plus, what to do when they become clients and how to create a smooth onboarding process.
Plus, we'll cover what makes a brilliant website and how you can make it easy for people to buy from you!
Module 4: Pricing & Packages
You'll get clear on your costs and I'll help you get over the fear of charging too much. We'll find the sweet spot pricing that helps you run a business that actually works for you and makes money.
Module 5: Workflow, Systems & Processes
You'll create workflow systems that work for you, ensuring you never touch with your customers, forget to invoice them or remind them how brilliant you are!
Module 6: Marketing Your Business
This is where it all comes together and you finally become visible to the world. You'll learn how to present yourself at networking events in way that makes you stand out from the crowd!

So, What Does All This Mean For You?

  • A clear, strong brand identity that makes you the go-to for your ideal clients.
  • Natural, easy communication that resonates with the right people.
  • A career that barely feels like work because you're doing what you love.
  • Painless, smooth workflows that prompt, support and save you time.
  • Targetted, effective marketing strategies that bring business to you.
  • Clarity on your niche, your audience, your pricing and your future.
  • Pricing that's sustainable, profitable and makes you feel amazing.

Ready To Learn, Follow And Implement My 6-Step Roadmap To Success?

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