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Present your self online

Headshot photography is essential these days for building a personal brand and presenting yourself to the online world via your website and social media profiles. I offer all kinds of personal branding photography, whether you’re a business owner and have a team of staff, or you are a thought leader, solopreneur or just want a personal branding session for social media profile photography on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram or blog posts.

Build Credibility

Having up-to-date personal branding photography is so important for credibility among your business contacts. A strong personal brand will ensure you don’t end up as that person that someone meets face-to-face for the first time, only to find out you no longer look like the images used on your social media platforms or website.

"I needed professional photos for my website and Sarah was my first and only choice. I've seen her work in the past and she has taken photos of my family before so I knew I'd be in great hands. She made me feel at ease and relaxed. The photos are amazing! I highly recommend Sarah if you need business photos!"

Mia Cherry, People Management Training and Coaching


Refresh your personal brand with bespoke photos that reflect where your business is now - and where you want it to go!

We will guide you along the way

With a personal branding shoot, I advise clients, from the outfits they wear to the location and props that will be used in creating a personal brand for them. As much as possible I use natural light during the photo shoot always keeping in mind branding images that you can use to build your brand. We take headshot photos with plain or natural backgrounds and move to different locations that reflect you and your brand.

How your photos are delivered

I take actors headshots for portfolios along with authors headshots for book jackets. My work is delivered as digital images so you can immediately start using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between personal branding and a headshot?
A common mistake made is often headshots being seen as a personal branding shoot. Of course, headshots are a form of personal branding and should be included in a shoot but personal branding goes a lot further than that. Headshots are you, normally face on to the camera, in one outfit and in front of a backdrop of sorts in a single location. Normally for the about us page on a website, a good quality headshot is essential for showing your personality and engaging with clients. Personal Branding photography tells the story of you and your business to others. How? I create a variety of images for you to use in your brand and marketing communications over a period of time, for example a year. This could be natural shots of you in a coffee shop working from your laptop, engaging with clients in a meeting, or simply with your dog. Then you have the more posed portraits, relaxed compared to a headshot, so laughing, smiling, sitting down, etc. You should change into different outfits and use a variety of locations. It could be you’re a fitness trainer, so shots of you working out, cooking a healthy meal, or even helping a client out with their fitness regime, would all count as your personal brand, what you stand for and what you believe in.
I have 20 members of staff I need headshots for, but I don’t want them wandering off for hours, can you come to us?
Yes! This is what I do. I don’t tend to work on singular headshots. I work with large companies who need multiple members of staff photographed. I bring my mobile studio and set up in an area on site. I have a running order, sorted before and I work through that. 20 Staff normally takes a couple of hours maximum.
How many shots per member of staff do we get?
I take 3 different images per member and you get to choose one per member of staff. These can be done in colour or black and white, just ask when we speak.
Some of my staff members are very nervous. Can you work with that?
I work with a lot of nervous people, in fact most people hate having their photo taken. (Me included!) so I make it very simple and straight forward. I give direction and three simple poses. I run through this with everyone before I press any camera button. I give them tips to relax and until they are ready, I won’t pick up the camera. I always try and set up in a different room so there are no lookers on and take my time and make sure everyone is relaxed and happy.

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