Social Media
Photography Course

Learn how to take stunning BESPOKE business images for your social media feeds.

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Learn how to
know the right image to post for the message you're trying to tell your potential customers.
Know how to
Use natural daylight to your advantage. When to use props and backgrounds, and where to find them.
Continue creating your bespoke images for your social media feeds and enjoy creating content.

All you need to know to start creating content today!

You'll have everything you need to immediately create bespoke content for your business. With your newfound knowledge, you can save money in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson 1
You'll learn the types of images you can create on your smart phone. The reasons you might use them. Types of backgrounds and props and how to use them. You'll learn about light and composition and setting up your smart phone to take images. Finally the dos and don'ts of capturing the perfect image.
Lesson 2
You'll learn how to create a flat lay image for your business, using your smart phone. Using props and backgrounds you've selected. This is the time to have fun and try different things.
Lesson 3
In this final lesson you'll learn how to edit your picture on your phone using in phone editing and Lightroom for mobile.

A taster of the course from lesson 1

Imagine how fabulous your social media feeds with look with an understanding of how to create your own bespoke business imagery?